Introducing Ollie Hayes

Ollie Hayes

Ollie Hayes

Formerly a Hallam FM DJ, Ollie Hayes has seen first hand how Sell Your House South Yorkshire help people sell their homes quickly and easily!
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I look back with fondness to when I was on Hallam FM presenting my own daily radio show. I loved speaking with listeners in South Yorkshire, playing music and interviewing pop stars.

I also had much fun DJing in bars and clubs around the city of Sheffield and got paid lots of money to keep people on the dancefloors all night. I had no money worries, in fact, I had no worries at all.

A nice place to be in life! I left Hallam FM to set up a marketing company, working with local clients including Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Doncaster Racecourse and Chesterfield College. Things were great! However, as we know, things can change.

I find it both interesting and heartwarming when people are honest enough to tell their story and share how their situation has changed. Being upfront about it is the only way to find out if someone can help. For me, my company started working with national clients and expanded too quickly, it started to get into rolling debt to keep up with the pace.

Then Coronavirus hit and business stopped dead. I had plenty of outgoings but no incomings at all. At around the same time, my partner of almost 20-years told me she wanted a divorce. This caused much emotional hurt and stress – plus any assets I had were now being split between us, which meant my plans to refinance went out of the window. I was stressed, I couldn’t think straight, I worried about money.

I had to borrow cash from my parents and friends – I knew I had to act quickly to get out of this situation. I owned a small house I rented to a friend. Selling this house was the key to most of my problems. I put it on the market and prayed it would sell quickly, but it did not. The house was worth around £100,000. However, the lease on it was less than 99 years, it needed some building work doing and the property market was not in the best state at the time.

I wanted to put it into auction but my (soon to be) ex-wife didn’t like the idea. I wanted to reduce the price but the estate agent said we should hold out for a better deal. However, I was in a position where I was paying out a small fortune each month due to personal and business debt and I really didn’t need the stress. I just wanted a quick sale with no hassle and money in the bank as soon as possible! At the time, I didn’t know companies like Sell Your House South Yorkshire existed.

They would have been a dream and solved my problem! A quick sale, money within 28-days, no solicitors or estate agent fees to pay and no viewings taking up my time. If only I had known about them back then! Finally, I did sell the house. I paid my parents and friends back and business slowly returned after the Coronavirus lockdown eased.

After that experience, I decided people with property should know about options and solutions to help them, so I joined Sell Your House South Yorkshire. I’m still amazed at the solutions available around property that so many people have no idea about, like I didn’t when I needed them. For example, have you ever heard of an ‘Assisted Sale’? How about a ‘Lease Purchase Option’ or a ‘Rent to Rent’ agreement? These are just a few simple options that could help your current situation.

If you have a property and want to look at ways to get the most out of it, especially if you are in need of cash in challenging times, give me a call and I’ll explain the help available in a way you can understand. For one thing, it would be lovely to catch up and hear about your world. I still love chatting to people in South Yorkshire, even if I’m no longer on the radio every day!

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